About us

Captain Ronny Muyshondt and chef Damienne Olislagers would like to wish you a hearty welcome.

Following in our parents’ footsteps, our notical training took us in different directions - Ronny to shipping and navigation school in Amsterdam and Damienne to catering college in Gent.

After five generations, in 1990, we changed course slightly into the cruise market. We worked on the large schips on the Rhine before moving on to the first "Marjorie" - a 39 metre luxury yacht designed for the American market. With space for just eight passengers and six crew members, we sailed on this ultra deluxe vessel on the Danube. In 1998 came the ’Marjorie II’ and took us with both ships to France where we were based for 15 years.

As the children were growing up, we deided to move back to Belgium. Antwerp is a great location and now our home port.

As we were - and still are - passionate about the old classic ships, we were lucky to find teh "Hartstocht" a three masted seailing ship and have invested our future in it - the new "Marjorie"! It has so mush to offer in terms of quality and the range of opportunities for on board activities include: